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Free up space on your Android™ device with the Dual Pro Micro to USB Drive from Flashscot®! This versatile Hi-Speed USB flash drive features both USB and Micro USB connections, letting you seamlessly store and move data from your Android device to your computer! Think of the Dual Pro as an external hard drive for your Micro USB compatible phone or tablet. The drive comes in a solid plastic body with a steel cover, so it’s extra durable. The USB end has a swivel closure while the Micro USB is protected with a removable cap, so you don’t have to worry about your drive getting damaged! And with data storage capacity of 16GB, it’s got more than enough room to handle your Android’s most important documents, pictures, music, videos, presentations, multimedia, and other key files. It also comes with a key loop for easy transport. Your device’s data should be as mobile as the rest of it: Use the Dual Pro to access that precious information anytime and anywhere!