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MobileMars is your mobile accessory superstore with the latest accessories and gadgets including phone cases, USB chargers, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, & many more products! Our collection of officially licensed phone and tablet accessories include products from NCAA conferences including the Big Ten, the Pac-12, the ACC, the SEC, the Big 12, and more. Not only do we specialize in collegiate mobile accessories, but we take great pride in our collection of Armed Forces products. At MobileMars, we have high quality designed mobile products for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. In addition to our line products for the Collegiate schools and the Armed Forces we have many additional brands including the PGA Tour, Case IH, and more.   
Offering over 200 officially licensed brands, we have something for everyone so you can enjoy your frequently used accessories in style. MobileMars is your one stop accessory shop for everything mobile. Show support for your favorite school, Armed Forces, and more brands today!
Monster SuperStar Backfloat Bluetooth Speaker Review with Video
Monster SuperStar Backfloat Bluetooth Speaker Review with Video
Today’s top smartphones from Apple and Samsung offer amazing screens, high-resolution cameras, and ever-increasing amounts of storage and battery life. But there’s one area where even the best phones disappoint: playing audio through the built-in speaker.
Many people have turned to wireless Bluetooth speakers as a way to enjoy better quality sound from their mobile devices. With their larger drivers, a portable speaker can play louder and clearer without distorting. The marketplace for speakers is getting crowded with products from Jambox, Urbanears, and of course,.....  [04/29/15]




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