AudioSpice Collegiate Leather Cover for Apple AirPods Pro Case with Carabiner and Safety Cord - Kansas Jayhawks

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For all the wear and tear your AirPods experience, why wouldn’t you try to give them another layer of protection? Double the life of your Apple AirPods with this Leather carrying case from Guard Dog. The case snugly fits inside to guard against drops and dings. They’re also great for showing off spirit. Grab one with your alma mater’s logo and be one with the music—and school pride—today.


  • High-definition printing done exclusively in the USA.
  • Suited for Apple AirPod Pro case. Will not fit the AirPod 1 or 2 case.
  • AirPods not included.
  • Premium material protects from drops, scratches, or other potential damage.
  • Includes safety cord that easily attaches to your AirPods the help prevent loss or damage.
  • Supports wireless charging.